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Provoked by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, it has an incubation period of 3-10 days and manifests itself mainly as urethritis, with purulent secretion that comes out of the urethral meatus, which is associated with burning and stimulation to urination. In the male, the "squeezing" of the penis with movement turned towards the urethral meatus can cause the secretion to escape outside which, in some cases, may be scarce or absent; about half of the sexual partners of a person suffering from gonorrhea can contract the infection and then maintain it without disturbing it (asymptomatic infection).

Therapy relies on antibiotic drugs. Especially in cases not treated or diagnosed late, the disease can extend to the rest of the urogenital system, with possible scarring results and, consequently, with the narrowing of some tubular structures (fallopian tubes, urethra, vas deferens etc.), with negative inferences on the fertility of the individual and the couple.

In rare cases, the dissemination of the infection is possible, with even serious outcomes.

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