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What are superficial wounds
  • What are superficial wounds


Even if a superficial wound usually does not cause life-threatening, it is very important to carry out appropriate treatments so as not to face annoying complications. Bleeding, which is usually modest in the most superficial wounds (apart from in areas where there are many capillaries, such as the lips), is the first event following a wound and, sometimes, if not treated properly, it can evolve into hemorrhage, that is, in the continuous leakage of blood due to the lesion of the blood vessels, arterial or venous: in the first case the blood will be bright red and will come out with some force, while in the second it will be dark red and the leakage will be less energetic .

When a venous vessel breaks, the bleeding usually subsides in a few minutes, both because the blood flow is modest and because coagulation processes are activated immediately by the body which have the purpose of forming a sort of "swab physiological". If, on the other hand, the bleeding comes from an arterial vessel, the duration of the flow is greater, and since this is more energetic and continuous, the normal buffering action implemented by the body (i.e. the formation of a thrombus) is hampered. .

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