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Assisting a family member

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Clothing for the disabled

There are clothes available for disabled people on the market, lines for wheelchair users, lines for Parkinson's disease patients, lines for Alzheimer's patients and, more generally, for all those with movement difficulties.

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Ideal trousers should be able to be worn by anyone who is confined to a wheelchair, despite the disease that afflicts him. In addition, they must be made with machine-washable and lifting resistant fabrics to which these patients are subjected daily. If the patient is unable to hold the stool and urine, the trousers must also be able to contain the diaper.

In summary, a good pant suitable for the disabled should:

  • do not have back pockets, to avoid creases on the skin that predispose to lesions in the affected area;
  • be a little taller behind, to cover your back well and to avoid being out in the open;
  • have a hinge that can be fully opened, to facilitate the moment of urinary elimination, and which is equipped with a ring to make opening and closing operations less difficult;
  • have openings with buttons on the outside but inside with velcro strips to facilitate opening and closing;
  • be of sufficient length to cover the ankles, especially for delicate subjects who are particularly affected by any accidental bumps and traumas.

If the client wears leg braces, the trousers must have characteristics such as to contain them. In the event of fractures, many patients must bring external devices for fixing the bones, also in this case a suitable trousers should be able to accommodate the aid. The trousers that can be opened thanks to a velcro strip on the external side are particularly suitable for these specific purposes.

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The most suitable shirts for subjects with difficulty in buttoning are equipped with external buttons that hide the velcro sewn on the inside.

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Pajamas are a fundamental aspect in the life of a disabled person since many times this garment is worn even during the day. People with cognitive disorders such as dementia or neurological diseases may need clothing that is not so "easily removable". Sometimes a rear zipper can be a safety measure to avoid continuous "stripping" to people with dementia.

However, the rear closure can in some cases be interpreted as a straitjacket; therefore, it is advisable to carefully evaluate each case, speak to the doctor and nurse you trust, try carefully and check the result.

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The underpants can be mesh for fixing the shaped diapers or they can be normal underpants or boxers adapted to the needs of urinary elimination.

The ideal underpants must be designed for those who have a permanent bladder catheter or who need to conveniently provide urinary emptying. Seams are not recommended due to their tendency to cause sores and irritation. It is preferable that the production material is cotton.

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