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Dermatology and aesthetics

Dermatology and aesthetics


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The light that heals

The concept that a light can heal, heal, destroy, kill is both reassuring and amazing. The collective imagination has certainly been influenced by the double aspect, magical and scientific, which covers the idea of ​​light, and soon we began to think about the possibility of obtaining aesthetic improvements, if not actually unexpected rejuvenations with a technique that uses the light in a fundamentally rapid, less painful and less invasive way.

The market is nowadays crowded with countless types of lasers, so much so that the patient finds himself in the absolute need to be supported by an operator (properly trained and prepared) to be able to orient himself correctly.

It is an indisputable fact that the laser is able to significantly improve many skin imperfections and pathologies and also for this reason, in recent years, dermatologists and aesthetic doctors have found an increased request for intervention with this technology by users belonging to social strata. wider. Despite the strong media pressure that leads us to think that we can correct, reduce or improve any imperfection with the laser, the clarity on the results that can be achieved in relation to patients' expectations remains important. In the last decade, laser systems have undergone an impressive evolution: from using the laser as a non-specific tool, we have increasingly used light energy, exploiting the ability of some skin molecules (chromophores) to absorb specific lengths of wave and thus to function as a target. Today it is therefore possible to treat numerous pathologies and skin imperfections, reducing the risk of scarring damage.

Surgical lasers have become an indispensable tool for the treatment of aesthetic lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, offering a wide variety of applications, ranging from resurfacing to the vaporization of lesions even in particularly delicate locations such as the eye area and the external ear . The design, at a later date, of selective laser systems has expanded the therapeutic potential to the vascular and pigmentary sector as well as to photorejuvenation of the face and epilation.

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