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Why must man eat?

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Nutrition and health

Nutrition is one of the factors that most contributes, throughout its existence, to the promotion and maintenance of health and therefore to a good quality of life.

Ever since man has gone from being a nomadic shepherd to a permanent farmer, the continuous improvement of agricultural techniques and technological and industrial innovations have meant an ever greater and more regular availability of food which, in the most developed countries, has allowed to reach important goals, such as the disappearance of malnutrition and many diseases caused by lack or lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet (avitaminosis and demineralization), better growth processes for children, greater resistance to infectious diseases and an increase in the average duration of the life.

On the other hand, the lifestyles of the last decades, strongly influenced by the phenomena of industrialization and globalization of the markets and characterized by incorrect nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and smoking habits, have had a negative impact on the health of populations both in rich and developing countries, with an increasing incidence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and tumors; all conditions that, according to some studies, in 2020 will be the cause of 70-75% of deaths.

Today the influence of food habits in the prevention of many diseases and, in general, on mortality is increasingly clear because some components have been identified that are able to modify the probability of the appearance of specific health problems related to nutrition.

According to the World Health Organization "scientific data are gradually reinforcing the opinion that changes in nutrition have a strong impact on health at all stages of life, both in a favorable and unfavorable sense. A regulated diet can influence the individual's present and future health status ".

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