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Assisting a family member

Assisting a family member

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Importance of clothing

The need to dress and protect integuments is a necessity for all people, healthy and sick.

Garments are of strategic importance in all cultures and are packaged and worn in different ways depending on the climate and beliefs; in fact, for many people, clothing has a precise symbolism and constitutes a way of manifesting belonging to a group, a means of standing out, a precise pattern of presenting one's self-image or determination of sexuality. Garments can be made of various materials such as linen, cotton, wool, synthetic fibers, animal skin and so on.

Each garment must be chosen according to climatic needs, tastes and use.

There are undergarments, such as underpants and vests, and garments for actual clothing.

Clothes, especially those for people with movement difficulties, must have some characteristics to be comfortable in use. Specifically, ideal clothing must be:

  • comfortable, so as not to obstruct movements;
  • able to maintain body temperature;
  • easy to put on and take off;
  • without buttons, better if equipped with velcro;
  • preferably open on the front;
  • non flammable;
  • in natural fabric;
  • smooth inside to facilitate the sliding of the limbs, the internal lining facilitates the passage of arms and legs;
  • not very close, to facilitate movement and sliding.

Shoes are also part of the clothing and, in case of problems, physicists must be chosen with particular characteristics:

  • the material that constitutes them must be natural leather, must be lined inside and allow the foot to breathe;
  • the sole must be non-slip;
  • the shoe must be comfortable and accommodate the foot, especially the deformed one;
  • the laces should be replaced with velcro;
  • the heel must not be more than three centimeters high.

The socks must be made of breathable material, possibly without internal seams, and the elastic must not tighten the limb too much to avoid the dangerous "lace effect".

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